Welcome to MeDarom Festival

We are very pleased to invite you to MeDarom Festival (MeDarom in Hebrew: "from the south"). A celebration of multidisciplinary culture, creation, community and joy in the city of Ofakim.

MeDarom Festival, fruit of a unique collaboration between Sapir Academic College and Ofakim, derives from the location where it takes place, encourages Culture, Community, and cross- fertilization, via the encounter between the local culture and guests from other places. The festival aims to develop and encourage cultural activities as well as local creativity in Ofakim, enable a platform and a meeting point between different cultural identities and strengthen the sense of belonging of the residents of Ofakim to their home town. MeDarom Festival envisions to put together an "event that creates a community", enhances solidarity and closeness, and moreover, contributes to cultural tourism in the south of the country.

The Festival is the final project of the students of the department of "Culture, Creation and Production" at Sapir Academic College. Producing this festival gives us the opportunity to experience planning, executing and all of the phases included in the executive production of a major cultural event. The choice to hold the festival in Ofakim was born from the desire initiate cultural events in our environment, and also from the will to enrich the area where we will live and work in the future.

This year is the fifth year we celebrate MeDarom Festival.

The festival presents for a few days a range of unique shows. it will include a multitude of cultural events happening in a variety of locations around the city: street performances, dialogues on the subject of culture, live music shows, arts and crafts workshops for children, poetry readings, exhibitions and art displays, and guided tour to local cultural centers.

All activities are open to the public and are free of charge.

Looking forward to seeing you!




By car

Ofakim is a 15 minutes' drive from Beer Sheva, an hour and a half away from Jerusalem and 70 minutes from Tel Aviv.
After the turn at Gilat intersection, continue straight and turn left onto hertzel street, Ofakim. Continue about a kilometer straight. Then you arrive to the commercial center on your right side.

By public transportation

From Be'er Sheva – Egged's lines number: 30, 33 and 35.
From Tel Aviv – Egged's number 376 or Metropolin's line 378, and line 35 from Eshkol Regional Council.

Israel Railways

We thank all of our partners at Sapir Academic College, in Ofakim, and all the supporters who helped with the festival and worked together to strengthen cultural activity in the south.