Culture, Creation and Production Department, Sapir College – About Us


The undergraduate program of the Culture, Creation and Production Department in Sapir Academic College allows its students to pursue profound academic background in the field of cultural studies together with gaining practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the field. Established in 2008, the program is the first of its kind in the field of culture studies in Israel due to its unique combination of theoretical and practical studies.

The program emphasizes critical contemporary thinking and interdisciplinarity. Students learn courses that combine together disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, art, literature, media and history. Furthermore, students can pursue their practical expertise in one of the following manners:

Cultural Managementmanagement, marketing and production of cultural events
Writing and Editing – coverage of cultural events, writing reviews, essays, critiques, prose and poetry in various media

During the study course, students develop and activate innovative projects in the field of culture, thus crossing boundaries of academia and connecting it to the public sphere. Among those projects are: management and production of "From the South" Festival – cultural festival held in Ofakim; productions of theater, music and arts events in cultural institutions across the country; publishing of "Maámul" – printed and online culture magazine; writing and publishing pieces on various topics, such as writing for children, biographies, short stories, and more.

The Culture, Creation and Production Department conducts various activities in collaboration with the local communities in the campus surroundings, as well as with the major culture and social institutions in Israel. Eventually, the program graduates get integrated in the local and international culture industries, in organizations such as arts institutions, theaters, community cultural centers, publishing houses, printed and online press, private enterprises and more.

The head of the department is Omri Herzog, PhD – a prominent cultural and literary critic and scholar of literature, film and culture.
The Culture, Creation and Production Department faculty includes nationally and internationally renowned researchers, as well as leading professionals in the Israeli culture and arts scene, such as writers and editors, culture institutions' managers, marketing and publishing professionals, and community and social entrepreneurs.